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Watching Anime For The First Time, Which Show Should You Choose?

If you want to introduce yourself to the world of anime then finding a show you’d like to watch for the first time can be an unpleasant experience for you given the vast array of shows available. It must be clear to you that anime itself is not a genre, if anything; it’s a unique way of storytelling.  Anime shows are made from a vast range of themes; there are also combination of different genres and hybrids available. The show you’ll pick will depend on a few criteria as mentioned below

Your level of acquaintance with Japanese culture, classical and contemporary will be a major factor that will determine the show you’ll pick. Many people start watching anime shows because they have an interest in some of the areas of Japanese culture or history. If you watch anime for quite some time you’ll automatically learn a few casual details about Japan. Also there are anime shows that do not require any knowledge about Japan at all as those shows have an altogether different setting.

Anime shows are based on different genres, so you should go for the show that falls under the genre you like. You should also go for a show that has a title you like, you might like the show, you never know.

Having a friend who is a fan of a particular show might help you in choosing a show you’d watch. But you should in any case watch a show you like.

Your own ideas about anime are also important in this respect. There are people who take animations less seriously than live action. As many western animations in spite of being branded as suitable for all age groups mean to the audience that they’re for the kids only. But the anime are mostly watched by the teenagers, there are also people in their twenties who watch anime shows. For more info visit


You will also be able to find English dubbed anime shows online.